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Girodat Seeds Ltd. grows and processes spring, winter and durum wheat, barley, triticale, chick peas, peas, lentils and forages, including many of the top varieties from SeCan, Canterra, FP Genetics and Pickseed. We can also access many canola varieties.

Seed is available for both wholesale and retail purchase. You can pick up the seed from our farm in the spring. If you are a wholesale purchaser, you can either pick up the seed, or we can deliver if within 100 km.

Varieties available for 2022

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AAC Synergy

  • High yielding two-row dual purpose barley for both malt or feed
available product

AAC Connect

  • Two-row malt variety with high yield
  • Growing market demand
available product

AB Wrangler

  • Two-row feed barley
  • High yield rating and high test weight
  • Good disease package
  • Grows taller than most other two-row varieties
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CDC Maverick

  • Two-row forage barley
  • Smooth awns
  • High yield for forage, but not for grain
  • Good nutritional value
available product

Spring Triticale


  • Forage variety with reduced awn
limited product

AB Stampeder

  • High yielding forage variety
limited product

Durum Wheat

AC Transcend

  • A proven variety for both yield and quality
available product

CDC Alloy

  • Has one of the highest yield ratings and test weights of the new durum varieties
available product

AAC Donlow

  • This Canada Western Amber durum has one of the highest yield ratings of the new durum varieties
  • Excellent yielding durum with FHB resistance and low DON accumulation
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Spring Wheat

AAC Cirrus

  • Hard white wheat
  • High grain protein
  • Excellent bread making wheat
available product


CDC Impulse CL

  • A small red Clearfield variety
available product

CDC Simmie CL

  • High yielding Clearfield lentil
  • Smaller seeds size than CDC Impulse
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AAC Chrome

  • One of the highest yielding yellow peas in the co-op and regional trials in Saskatchewan
  • Medium seed size and good standability
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Girodat Seeds Ltd. is a dealer for varieties from these seed companies

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To find out more about these varieties and if they are the right ones for your region, agricultural practices and business goals, please contact us.